Where should we take our photos? 

Well, that depends on who you are and what you love. Are there any special places where you both love to meet? Do you have any 'spots' that you call your own? Do you love downtown or a quiet beach café? It's all about making the session as personalized as possible.  It all depends on what location means the most to you. What do you both love doing together?


What should I wear to my photo session?

I would recommend you wear something that you're comfortable in. If you're uncomfortable, you'll be watching the clock the whole time or just easily agitated. Wear something you know you can move around in and feel beautiful in. I would recommend you avoid really bright colors. Bright white, neon green, screenprint t-shirts, crazy big patterns, all of those are not pretty on film. Things to think of are lots of layers, solid colors, simple patterns, and anything that you just love to wear. 


What should I expect at our engagement session? 

You can expect things to be pretty uncomfortable for the first few minutes. It takes a bit to break the ice and feel at ease in front of a stranger's camera. That's normal.  You can count on me being pretty laid back.  I'll give you a lot of direction, but  most of all, I want you to look natural and most like yourself. You should expect our session to take about 1 1/2 hrs. Sometimes we do a lot of walking, depending on what location we are shooting.Overall, you can expect me to help you get the most natural, comfortable, documentary style images out of your session.


When is my session fee due and what is included with it?

Your session fee is due the day of our scheduled photo-shoot. (unless you'd booked a wedding package in which it's due two weeks before the wedding date)  Depending on what you purchase, session fees include my time for your custom photo session,  the necessary time it takes to post process your images, an online gallery of digital negatives, and depending on what session you book, approximately 25 proofs. 


What should we bring to our session? 

 -a bottle of water (Sometimes we walk a lot). 

-snacks, just in case (we usually shoot close to dinner time)


-anything to entertain the kiddos

-any  props that you want to incorporate into your custom session