First things first. I'm a follower of Christ, I'm a beekeepers wife, and then of course, I'm a photographer.  I see photography as a gift and privilege given by God's grace, but it's not what I live and die for. 

As for my history, I won't tell you all about how I've been taking photos since I was five or how I come from a long line of artists and photographers because I just don't.  I was born and raised in a small farming town in Southeast Nebraska. I come from a long line of  German-bred farmers and grew up tending to dairy calves and learning how to work hard. Being the adventurous type, I moved to South Florida when I was 18 to attend university. It was in Florida where I found myself starting my business, finding an incredible church, and meeting my Kiwi husband. As of February 2016, I live in Havelock North, New Zealand and begin the adventure of marriage and business in a far away land. Although, Nebraska and Florida will always have a large part of my heart. 
Having an affinity for history and writing, I naturally fell in love with the art of photography since it's name literally means "writing with light".  I was never quite sure how to put my finger on my love for the craft,  but I think that it has everything to do with the documentation of life. I love preserving the tangible things that you pass down from generation to generation. Images give light and depth to already beautiful stories. It's like that feeling you get in the middle of a historical fiction novel where the author includes photos of the setting and the characters. It's fascinating and thrilling, but leaves this ache in your heart all at the same time.  I have the privilege of providing tangible images between the pages of life's many stories.  I believe that the little moments of real life, with their wide range of emotions and expression, are the sweetest things to capture and what make us who we are.  I'm honored that I get to call that my job.